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First and foremost, all the ideas and opinions expressed on JaneSaves.com are entirely my own. I started this site to help other people save money and pay off debt. My goal was to develop a virtual space to share ideas, inspiration, and tips.

Some posts feature affiliate links which will be clearly labeled with the designation: This post may contain affiliate links. So, what does that mean? If you read my article and click through to an affiliate link (for example to a product on Amazon), I may get a SMALL commission from a company for sending you in their direction. The cost of your item will not be marked up through my link.

Also, you many notice advertisements on JaneSaves.com. Those advertisements are generated by a third-party advertising company. I do not hand-pick those advertisements.

My goal for placing banner ads and a few affiliate links is to earn a small revenue and offset the operational costs for running this site!

Last, but definitely NOT least, I stand behind each and every picture and post on this site. Enjoy!

Updated: May 17, 2017

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