How To Drink Starbucks Coffee For Less Than .20 Cents A Cup!

I drink a tall Starbucks coffee every single morning. Sometimes I drink two.  And I don’t even feel bad about it. Do you want to know how I drink Starbucks for less?   Once upon a time (3 years ago), I worked at a desk all day and I spent way too much money at the Starbucks […]

How To Turn A Fountain Into A Planter

When we bought our fixer upper, it featured a two-tiered water fountain in the middle of our interior courtyard. Unfortunately, the rusty 40-year-old pump did not work. After a few hard rain storms, the fountain turned from a unique conversation piece into a mosquito breeding ground. We knew we needed to come up with a […]

Easy Sausage Rolls

Happy Friday! Are you going to any brunches this weekend? If so, these easy sausage rolls are a fabulously frugal and easy dish to add a little savory to a traditional breakfast spread of sweet muffins, donuts, and danishes. I discovered these yummy sausage rolls (or pinwheels as called on some sites) when I was […]

{Fancy Frugal Food} Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese Appetizer

Being on a budget does not mean you have to serve beans and rice at your next dinner party. Today, my fancy and frugal friend Olivia Polk from is going to share an amazing appetizer recipe. She has introduced me to many delicious dishes over the years. But one of her appetizers – Roasted Tomatoes And Goat […]

$4 Speedy And Delicious Chicken Pot Pie

Do you love chicken pot pie as much as my family does? It’s comforting and filling. It’s a brilliant way to sneak vegetables into your children’s diet. Plus, I’ve found a way to make it for next to nothing. But don’t let the price scare you, my gourmet-taste husband even agrees that this is one […]

Simple Breakfast Pie

Quiche is one of my favorite frugal dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Quiche may sound fancy, but don’t be fooled. It’s the perfect meal to use up extra vegetables, leftover deli meat or that extra slice of cheese. Plus quiche is delicious. But in my family, we like to pour a little syrup over it […]

3 Reasons I Don’t Coupon (& How I Saved To Pay Off $81,400 In Debt)

I love to save money. There are very few money-saving tricks that I have not tried or would not be willing to try. In fact, I’ve saved so much money over the past 2 years that I was able to pay off $81,400 of debt. But couponing is one thing that I tried and quit. Let […]

How To Save $2000 On Appliances During A Kitchen Remodel

I love my new kitchen. It’s white, it’s clean, it’s open and best of all, it cost much less than you might think! My husband and I set an all cash budget and we made our dream kitchen a reality. Sticking to a cash budget meant that I had to get creative. I found dozens […]

A Cheap And Effective Way To Wash Produce

Psst. I have a secret money-saving tip to share. You do not need to spend money on fancy vegetable washes and sprays to clean fresh produce. Everyone knows that you should clean produce from your garden, the store or farmer’s market. But you don’t need yet another product to get the job done. Some people […]

The BEST Way To Cook Frozen Broccoli

People who hate broccoli. Listen up, this post is for you! Are you ready for the #1, all-time, best-tasting broccoli recipe? Are you ready for the very broccoli recipe that converted me into a broccoli believer?  Do you want the recipe that leaves me saying, “I could eat this instead of potato chips” every time? Okay, […]